Thursday, June 21, 2012

Under My Feet

As a mom of two there is always something on the floor of our humble house. Currently there are about fourty different shoes, that may or may not have matches, legos, a dump truck, a beginner reader, teacher supplies and of course crayons and wheels. And often under my feet I find my two beautiful babies! I am always amazed at the love that comes out their mouths. Recently Abrum has decided to marry me. As a mother of a boy, it's been what I was waiting for. However, he has now found playful banter with his father. Just the other day I overheard them arguing over me with Abrum telling my lovely husband that he was going to take the marry away and marry me himself. When Dad said, no my wonderful four year old yelled, You wanna a piece of me? Now that is love under my feet.

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