Monday, November 5, 2012

Sidling up

I have joined PiBoIdMo. It is a 30 challenge by an amazing blogger, Tara Lazar, and if I could figure out how to post the badge on this blog I would. We, those who accept the challenge, write a story/idea for a picture book every day for the month of November. What a fabulous and scary adventure.
Yesterday there was a grand post from Emma Ledbetter about sidling she begins to read and the children gather around to listen. In our house that happens when ever a book-sketch, lined, published or otherwise appears in somebody's lap. What a great thing to share with the world, our child friendly ideas...sometimes with adult themes or kid tradgies. My daughter decided that she would take the challenge with me and busted out one of her many spirals and began an illustrated story about a dog. I am grateful for the talent God granted me, that my mother shared with me that I can share with my children and so many others. I hope that my pictures as well as my words are something to sidle up alongside.

Friday, November 2, 2012

One less, is one moore

Never did I imagine that when I sent "Before I met you..." to the Spartenburg Artist Guild Show, that it would be the last time I laid hands on her. To my delight, and a small saddness that feels, I imagine, like when a child leaves the nest, she was sold last night. How wonderful it felt as I watched them place a red sticker on her. She also recieved the Upcycle Award, which I feel a special honor with because I enjoy giving new life to disgarded elements and objects. My children sealed the night's joy with their big smiles, and glorious hugs. What a fan base I have acquired!

Halloween manners

This Halloween my son made me think of something very important: Halloween manners. He made me so proud as we walked down the street in the holiday fashion from door to door, he was very careful about being sure to say thank you when he was given his treat. It may have been more adorable as he would yell walking down driveways, i said thank you again! As candy is his favorite food group, and what could be finer than a holiday created for giving away free candy, i was super proud that he used his manners.