Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Salad night

The top salad belongs to Olivia, the bottom to Abrum-need I say more?

The difference a friend makes

Elizabeth is very much a part of our family. She has a birthday-this year she will be 5, a bed, clothes-she enjoys argule socks, and a best friend. That best friend is Olivia. Olivia friends great comfort in her best friend who listens to her worries, troubles and laughs with her. Elizabeth loves playing hide and seek and it often takes the entire family to seek her because she is such a good hider. Someday there will be college, and boyfriends, and careers-but first there was Elizabeth.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yes, Chef!

A cold icy morning starts our weekend, and I wake to find a roaring fire and father and daughter in the kitchen making blueberry muffins. Of course, in a house with a teacher and school administer nothing is what it seems. Baking is a great way to incorporate math and reading skills into the daily life of children-so the kitchen has been turned into a mock classroom.Complete with a vocabulary words such as "seux chef" and "folding batter".  Lots of learning on this 30 degree morning-what will the rest of the day hold?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Members only!

The new year has arrived and with it all the toys and amazing presents that came with the Holidays. My husband and I took our weekend to clean out the children's rooms to make room for new exciting treasures. As we were making piles Olivia walked in and observed the piles with her keen six year old eyes. She is generous in giving up things that will go to others in need, but she looked at one pile with questioning eyes.
"You can't throw out that stuff, those are my members," she expressed.
"Your what?" we asked.
"My members, I don't want to give those away."
"Olivia, what is a member?"
"You know when you member stuff, special stuff about things you did," she said as a matter of fact.

And I have laughed for days! So folks in our house, memories are just members of the family. Enjoy your days and keep warm. We are hoping for snow-to make new members.