Thursday, June 21, 2012

Under My Feet

As a mom of two there is always something on the floor of our humble house. Currently there are about fourty different shoes, that may or may not have matches, legos, a dump truck, a beginner reader, teacher supplies and of course crayons and wheels. And often under my feet I find my two beautiful babies! I am always amazed at the love that comes out their mouths. Recently Abrum has decided to marry me. As a mother of a boy, it's been what I was waiting for. However, he has now found playful banter with his father. Just the other day I overheard them arguing over me with Abrum telling my lovely husband that he was going to take the marry away and marry me himself. When Dad said, no my wonderful four year old yelled, You wanna a piece of me? Now that is love under my feet.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still in Summer

Summer time works differently. At times it moves fast, and it other times a minutes can last days. Lately it has moved the last two weeks that I have been freed from everyday school life I have traveled to Florida for a short turn around stay, rearranged the house for the upcoming Florida guests, searched high and low for the best grill to purchase and came across the new love of my life, the ice cream maker. What family fun! Together we have come up with some great and gross ice cream ideas... Abrum did suggest pizza ice cream. The entire family gathers in our small little kitchen to measure, mix, squeeze ingredients, stir the pot of soon to be frozen treat and add the ice and salt to the machine. And then hours later, we taste the treats and pass judgement. We have not gone wrong yet with our flavors of Mexican chocolate, Lemon Lime sorbet and blackberry cheesecake. What a grand additive to Summer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer In South Carolina

It is offically summer. Not by the simple fact that school is out but by the bugs. One of the greatest reasons for moving to South Carolina from Sunny Florida came after the move. No, it isn't the weather which is currently 66 degrees outside-I do love that though. It is the fireflies. They are magically! Little balls of fairy magic chasing each other around the backyard. And tonight as it got real dark my son caught a glimance and was outside in an instant noting, very loudly, each one he saw... then joined by his sister who decided she wanted most to be a super hero with stretchy arms so she could catch all the fireflies.... and then of course letting them go...because that's Olivia. It is a great image to pack with me as I head back to Florida the place of my birth, my amazing sisters, and wonderful parents, great old friends and sandy beaches... and hot hot weather with mosquitos and NO fireflies. Keep your eyes open.