Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer In South Carolina

It is offically summer. Not by the simple fact that school is out but by the bugs. One of the greatest reasons for moving to South Carolina from Sunny Florida came after the move. No, it isn't the weather which is currently 66 degrees outside-I do love that though. It is the fireflies. They are magically! Little balls of fairy magic chasing each other around the backyard. And tonight as it got real dark my son caught a glimance and was outside in an instant noting, very loudly, each one he saw... then joined by his sister who decided she wanted most to be a super hero with stretchy arms so she could catch all the fireflies.... and then of course letting them go...because that's Olivia. It is a great image to pack with me as I head back to Florida the place of my birth, my amazing sisters, and wonderful parents, great old friends and sandy beaches... and hot hot weather with mosquitos and NO fireflies. Keep your eyes open.

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