Monday, May 7, 2012

The Paw Paw Patch, Ducks, and Grits

Well as Monday rolls by I feel the need to record the weekend. It started with a stay at the PawPaw Patch, which is what we call MawGra and PawPaw's house. After a week where my lovely husband did not come home before the kids bedtime due to soccer playoffs at his school, and had planned to go camping Friday night...I asked, pleaded, and begged my amazing in-laws to go "camping" at their house. They agreed. And as my mother in law, also an artist, made dinner, made Duck Derby hats, and played the tickle monster-I sat on the couch watching cable television...something we do not have at our house. My father in law amazed me with his cheese grits in the morning and something called "cookie butter" that was bought at Trader Joes, I highly recommend it. Abrum found he could not walk at the PawPaw Patch, only skip and jump. And Olivia felt most at ease snoogled up in bed with MawGraw telling stories back and forth of "Once upon a Time..." Then it was off to meet the not so often seen this week father of the lovely children to go watch the Annual Rotary Club Duck Derby. The Duck Derby is a sight to see, about a million and one rubber ducks going down a river towards a waterfall, where they fall off and continue their race. Great fun! Then the weekend ends with Olivia and I in the studio creating things-she is really into cutting paper and taping them together. And the boys upstairs racing on Mario Kart. A game I still can not understand or will myself to want to understand. And so ends another weekend at our house. I think Abrum is still pretending to drive a car in his bed, and Olivia trying very hard not to ask to sleep in our bed. My goal this week is to begin completing and scanning in the comic strip that I hope to accompany this lovely daily blog. Cheer me on!

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