Friday, May 11, 2012

Laundry Day

If I haven't mentioned I am a part time Art teacher. However, during standardize testing I am a full time tester. Due to two weeks of full time work, the house has suffered. I suppose that's because it's not nearly as loud as the children when they are not getting their proper amount of attention. Currently I have employed the children to sort the laundry, one fudgecicle a piece for the pile of clean clothes to be sorted. So while the Paul Simon Pandora plays on sorting continues. Olivia is picking from the pile and properly placing the item in it's basket. Occasionally she moves to the rhythm of the music, ballet or some form of modern dancing. Abrum on the other hand is rummaging through the basket to pick out the socks. Then going to the opposite of the room, on the couch, up on the back and throwing them into the basket. Let me correct myself, attempting to throw them in the basket. I just informed him that was not efficent-he informed me he was a basketball player, said Simon said to give Mom a kiss and has now turned the socks into slingshots. Still not getting them near the baskets. ... well Olivia has finsihed and requested her payment...I see Abrum trailing close behind claiming he did more work than his sister. What's a Mom to do?

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