Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chicken Vegetables

As school comes to a close things are getting very busy in our household. This past week my husband was put in charge of the darlings so that I could attend a Senior Awards Night. That night as I got home past bedtime, walked over two "camping" children in the living room, dirty dishes left on the dinner table, and toys in the living room (a restricted toy area)- I was told the story of Abrum's battle with vegetables. Chicken pot pies were on the menu and as he dove into the pie he was reminded to eat his vegetables as well as the chicken. He promptly picked up another chicken piece and was scolded, "Abrum that isn't a vegetable, that's chicken." My brilliant son responded, "Chicken probably ate a vegetable." My husband was stunned. Abrum then began to sing the chicken vegetable song, smiling all the while and eatting the chicken and avoiding the vegetable. Olivia described it later to me as, "Hilarious!" Being his biggest fan, I had to smile at her. My husband is still contemplating what he might have said to Abrum, but the story is much better. Long live chicken vegetables!

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