Monday, December 10, 2012

One more blanket please

I am not sure if Winter is offically here yet, but it sure seems as if She has arrived on frosty feet. The babies are cuddled together in our room under blankets and the little heater begging for hot cocoa. I am trying to decide what pair of amazing socks to warm to keep my toesies from falling off.

In two weeks we will be warm under the Floridian sun, but for now we have a great excuse for snoggling together with a book, a blanket and each other.

 PiBoldMo was a success! I have lots of ideas and I can not wait to flesh them out. I am trying hard to budget my time between ideas and asseblages. I am still planning for a one woman show near the end of January and I have several pieces to finish. So I best grab some glue, cozy socks and my own cuppa cocoa.


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