Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roasting Marshmellows in July

Currently there is a fire in our fireplace and my husband is patiently roasting marshmellows with Abrum and Olivia. Sounds odd for the middle of July you might think, and when you ask why I will tell you that is what Abrum asked for in the ER this morning. WHAT!? Abrum spent his morning in the ER this morning with an infection on the inside of his abdomen from a bug bite. I do want to mention that yesterday my lovely husband took Abrum to the peditrician when daycare called saying he couldn't stand up straight and was really cranky when he awoke from nap. The doctor said it was just a bug husband, the one who always asked why in school and never just took the teacher's word for anything, said look again please and indeed there was a hard mass never the bug bite. So dear friends, the next time you get irritated at "why" or frustrated at one more question...that persistance might have been what saved my dear boy's life.

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