Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School

Today is my baby girl's first day of school. With wide brown eyes and a beautiful new aqua and white dress she set off with her way to big for her zebra backpack. She said her stomach was excited but she was a little nervous. I walked her into her room where she was greeted by name. We put her bookbag in her cubby, her lunch box where lunch boxes were kept, and I said, "Do you need anything else from me?" "One last hug," and she squeezed me tight and went to sit with the other kindergarteners.

My little girl. The very small six pounds six ounces that I was afraid to carry around because she might slip out of my arms. My very perseptive, kind, loving, smart little girl has started her school career. I look forward to the tellings of her adventures, of the challenges that lie ahead. I know just how her stomach feels, excited and then nervous.

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